How to become a client

How to get

Trustox Custody

Simply sign up and complete our identification procedure. You will be asked to provide a valid travel document and a selfie holding your document in order to confirm your identity. As a last step we need a proof of address which could be an utility phone or a banks statement.

1. Register for free

Click now on open a position and fill up our subscription form

2. Our staff will contact you

Wait for our customer support to get in touch with you via email

3. Tell us your needs

Communicate to our agent the currency you need to deposit (BTC, $, €, ...)

4. Check your account

Check out through our desktop or mobile application your own account

5. Start deposit fiat or crypto

Start transfer in and out your selected fiat or digital currencies

6. Mission Completed

Enjoy your multi-currency trusted safe box

Everything included in your business plan, international IBANs with main banks and debit MasterCards for you entrepreneur and your employers.